Facial Rejuvenation


Many say us women are like a good wine, we become better with age. As women, here at Somabel we share that idea. With age, we obtain maturity, experience and fulfillment… however; we can now get rid of those fine lines around the eyes, saggy skin and those aging spots we used to see in grandmother’s hands and face.

We all love to be taken as our children’s older sister…Technology now gives us the opportunity to go back in time and pamper our skin to it can once again have the elasticity from a decade ago without the use of a scalpel!

Wrinkles and skin’s sagginess are due to natural wear of the collagen and elastin fibers. It’s during this wear inside the dermis that volume it lost and thus starting the visual process of aging.

Now days we can better our skin tone and texture and soften wrinkles on our face with just one treatment. Triniti combines three of the most effective technologies today to achieve color uniformity, a firmer skin, and a wrinkle treatment that will help you obtain a total renovation of the face.

The ELOS (Electro Optical Synergy) technology is the first and only technology that uses the power of Dual Radio Frequency, Light Optical Energy and Laser simultaneously creating a highly effective treatment in the dermis and at the same time, completely safe for the epidermis.

Each Triniti session includes:

  1. Skin Rejuvenation (SR), it’s the rejuvenation treatment created effectively to diminish aging and solar spots and/or uneven skin tone. It’s important to mention that up to date there’s no technology that will eliminate the medical condition called melasma, also known as Chloasma, and commonly known as “mask of pregnancy.”
  2. Reafirm Skin Tightening: This treatment firms your face following the natural muscle’s structure and creating again the ideal union of the collagen and elastin fibers, achieving the look and feel of your skin tightness. Giving spectacular and visible results in areas like dewlap, neck and all around face.
  3. Matrix IF Fractional Wrinkle Treatment: Treats superficial wrinkles due to facial expressions located around the lips, eyes, forehead and all over face. Achieving a majestic result in appearance, besides being convenient for your pocket since by reducing wrinkles it’s being proven that our clients receive less botox applications.

What does it include and how does the treatment work?

It includes all 3 technologies of the skin Triniti treatment: color uniformity, skin’s firmness and wrinkle diminishing; this is combined with the dual radiofrequency’s energy and light that stimulate the tissue inside the treated area with precision to obtain the best result from inside out. In average, 3 to 5 visits are required to complete the Trinity treatment.

How long does a session during a treatment last?

The total time of the Triniti treatment is 60-90 minutes. Calculate 15 or 30 additional minutes when including the neck. Usually, 5 sessions are performed with a waiting period of four weeks between each other.

Triniti can not be compared with another technology in the market because a treatment system as effective as Triniti does not exist. We recommend, as usual, that you verify the treatment you want to do, licenses of the person who will perform it, and most of all, that the establishment follows all safety rules. Remember that your wellbeing it’s the most important thing, and that sometimes, what’s seems to be cheaper turns out being the most expensive. Don’t risk your skin with treatments from questionable sources that promise miracle results in only one session.

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